Cheyenne Genealogy

Cheyenne Genealogy is one of our two main areas of research. Today the tribe is divided into two bands. The Southern Cheyenne in Oklahoma and the Northern Cheyenne in Montana. Our research is primarily with the Northern band but we do have information about various families in the Southern band. Currently we have over 8,000 Cheyenne's in our data set. This data set covers over two hundred years of Cheyenne genealogy. We would be willing to search the data set for you, but to protect the privacy living people we will not upload it here. To send a query to us of our data set please go to our query page and follow the instructions. There is an ever growing bibliography of Cheyenne history available here and we are in the process of making an index to some of the early reservation census reports. We are also working on a timeline of Cheyenne history to be used with The Master Genealogist genealogy program.

Cheyenne Genealogy

Cheyenne History

Cheyenne Culture

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Thanks to Donald Healy for the flag of the Northern Cheyenne!


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